Gluten Free Cinnamon Toast

Faith’s new favorite breakfast meal is cinnamon toast.

We have been experimenting with different ways to make cinnamon toast over the years. Being that she is gluten free and yeast free, we are very limited on the types of bread that we can buy. We have found that she can tolerate the brown rice yeast free bread and seems to like it.

I usually buy several loaves of this bread at one time and freeze them. We pull out how many slices she wants at a time and thaw them (defrost them in the microwave). Now, I will tell you that by doing this they sometimes turn out soggy, which irritates her! And then she feels that her toast doesn’t firm up well in toaster.

This last week I decided to try to broil her toast in the over. So we defrosted a few slices, about 10-20 seconds, slathered the pieces with butter, sprinkled cinnamon and sugar all over them, and when I say sprinkled I should say, poured! There them in the oven on a foil sheet and broiled them for about 5 minutes and guess what…….


Perfect toast! Success!!!


A clinical psychologist turned stay at home mom. I have 2 beautiful girls (13 and 11) that I home school. We spend our days running back and forth to town, baking, cooking, riding horses and having fun on the farm.

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