There’s a chill in the air


Here the temps have been dropping and you’re not sure what you are going to get from day-to-day right now. We’ve been 29 degrees at night and had a high of maybe 60 in the last week. Needless to say, fall is here, and winter feels as though it is quickly approaching. 

As you can tell we have started getting ready for fall and winter. The fireplace is going, and the Xbox is now being used quite a bit again. It’s now dark here by 5:30 in the evening. And, on nights the kids don’t have activities, this is what we will be found doing!  Sitting by the fireplace, watching movies, tv or playing on the Xbox.

This is also the time of year when I like to do little projects around the house. Recently I decided I wanted a sofa table. Instead of buying one I come up with a design and have my dad build it for me (yes, I still have my dad do things for me!!).

This is what I had him do. Now this is completely unfinished…I was just so excited when he brought it over to the house that I put it behind the couch and started decorating! A few days later I started to put the stain on it.

This is my finished product. I thought it turned out nicely. I have also had my dad build my dinning room table, which is basically the same style as this sofa table.



A clinical psychologist turned stay at home mom. I have 2 beautiful girls (13 and 11) that I home school. We spend our days running back and forth to town, baking, cooking, riding horses and having fun on the farm.

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