Breakfast for Dinner

The first half of the week can be incredibly busy for us. It seems as though every night one of the girls has something going. Which usually means we are not eating dinner until after 8pm. Last night was no different. So I decided to whip up something quick and easy that is a favorite around here. Pancakes, and not just regular pancakes, we had blueberry and chocolate. 


Namaste is probably one of my favorite go to box mixes for numerous things. I love this pancake mix for waffles and pancakes, but they also make a wonderful pizza crust. Namaste also does several other mixes like, brownie, cake, and so on. Check them out if you haven’t tried them.

So this was dinner last night. The mix is super easy. I only add milk, oil, and eggs to 2 cups of Namaste Pancake mix. Stir it around until I get the consistency I am looking for. While doing this I have a well-greased griddle warming on my stove top.

Adding the blueberries and chocolate chips are easy. I either take some batter in a separate bowl and mix in blueberries or I just drop blueberries in once I have poured a pancake onto the griddle. Either way is fine. Last night I simply dropped blueberries and chocolate chips in as I cooked the pancakes on the griddle.

We made a lot of pancakes, and Grace got ahold of the camera and was snapping pictures while I was cooking them and plating them.

We had plenty of left overs for breakfast this morning.

More pictures that I found on my camera this morning. The cat, Patches, and our dog, Dexter, always sit in the kitchen at my feet while I cook. I have learned to step over them while I am moving around.


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