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I have to share with you another purchase I made here lately. As I have posted before, we live in the county and have several animals. We have an indoor cat and dog, that I absolutely love! Plus we have chickens, rabbits, horses, and cows. So we are constantly dragging in dirt and anything else you can imagine, YUCK! Plus living in Kansas, you have to deal with the wind, and let me tell you it can get extremely windy! Which means dirt and dust is everywhere. 

Mostly, our house consists of hardwood floors. When we moved out to the country that is the one thing that I said was a must, hard wood floors. I just thought that they would be easier to clean and keep up with than carpet would be. The only place we have carpet is in the bedrooms and downstairs. So I am vacuuming at least once a week, and I sweep my hardwood floors a few times a day. Yes, I am a bit of a clean freak.

Recently, I decided that my Dyson vacuum wasn’t keeping up and I didn’t feel as though my carpet was getting as clean as it should be. So I started looking for a new vacuum. I looked and looked and looked! I decided to go back with another Dyson, the animal 2 to be exact. I watched the black Friday deals and also cyber Monday. Now I will be honest, I didn’t buy this vacuum on either day. Not so smart on my part!!! On Cyber Monday, this vacuum was listed for $249. My thought was that it would stay at that, because in the past years Cyber Monday doesn’t end on Monday! Well guess what, it did end!! I was devastated! So I started shopping around AGAIN trying to find a good deal on this vacuum and I couldn’t find it anywhere for that price or even close. The cheapest I could find it was for $399 and this vacuum is usually sales for $499. So that’s still on sale but not as cheap as $249. I was totally kicking my self. Well I ended up buying my vacuum with my Kohl’s cash! I didn’t get it down to $249, but I got it close!

Anyway, it arrived today! YAY!!! Literally I was jumping up and down excited to try this. Let me tell you I was so grossed out when I vacuumed my house. This vacuum is awesome! It had only been a week since I had last vacuumed so I really didn’t think my house would be that dirty…it must have been. It was like I hadn’t vacuumed in months. If you are in the market for a new vacuum, seriously check out Dyson. They are really good vacuums and I don’t regret buying this one at all. If you have inside animals, live in the country or just want a really good vacuum check it out!

Here is the link for the Dyson Vacuum (affiliate link).


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