Endless sickness…..

Well it seems as though our family has been hit again by sickness. Grace has been sick all week with strep throat and is now showing signs of the flu. Hopefully, the flu won’t be too bad since she did have a flu shot.

Not only is she down and out but it seems as though Faith is beginning to show a few signs of being sick. But life goes on and so does my kitchen. Since no one has been feeling wonderful around here, we have been eating a lot of comfort foods, or our go to foods, that are simple and easy to fix during the week.

We’ve hade pizza, tacos, shredded chicken, and sometimes just some chicken broth. Appetites have not been through the roof lately. So things have been real simple and basic.

I have been able to sneak in a few new recipes on them and some that are old but with a few different twists.

I am going to try to get those out today!! As long as I am not running from kid to kid taking care of my sick little patients! Wish me luck.



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