Meatball and Spaghetti

I rehashed my old meatball recipe, Italian style meatballs, and decided to try it out in my InstantPot this last week. I was curious how long the meatballs would take to cook and how they would compare in taste.

I used my same old meatball recipe, click on the link above, to try it out. Or, just use your own recipe if you have a favorite. I will say though, I believe I like cooking the meatballs the old fashion way. The Instant Pot cooked them up well, and they were done in no time at all, but they were lacking a bit in flavor. Not that anyone in my house complained a lot, they were super excited to get spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I just like the crust that forms on the meatball from cooking in the skillet, the browning, it creates so much more flavoring than the Instant Pot.

Making them in the Instant Pot was quick and easy, so if you are really wanting meatball and short on time these work out great.

Once the meat mixture was read to go, I made little balls and placed them flat inside the Instant Pot. Only do one layer at a time, otherwise they may not get cooked completely through. I placed 10-12 a the bottom of the pot and sealed the lid. Put the Instant Pot on Normal Pressure for 10 minutes and that was it! Now your Instant Pot has to come up to pressure, which takes about 3-5 minutes and then it also has to release, or you can quick release the pressure, which ever is fine. I made 2 batches of meatballs like this.

Once they were done, I thew them all back into the Instant Pot with the sauce and let them simmer for just a bit! I cheated on the sauce and used Rao’s, it really good though! Totally worth it and is low in carbs and sugars.


Once the sauce and the meatballs simmered for about 5-10 minutes, it was dinner time.



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