Buffalo Plaid Christmas – Your perfect table decor!

Yes it’s another Christmas post….sorry I can’t help it. I am going to pull you all in and convince you to decorate early this year with me! So while I am sitting by the fireplace, drinking a warm cup of coffee, I am dreaming of how I am going to decorate my house this year. This is what I am obsessed with – buffalo plaid!

I am totally in love with the buffalo plaid (red and black checked). Yes, it’s my Christmas home decor this year. But, this year I am going to throw a little bit of a spin on it – I am going to add in the plaid black and white with it. I think it will make a beautiful, rustic, yet, classic statement.

I am slowly beginning to start the Christmas decorating. I like to get a plan of action so I know what I want to purchase new this year and what I already have. I have the black and red plaid table runner (click the link below to get yours). I am also planning on adding the white and black to it this year (will put a link in)

This is the perfect price. Click the link below to get yours.


Add this black and white over your red and black for a nice pop to your holiday table. Click the link below.


I like to have a longer red/black table runner and a shorter black/white over that one. It gives it a nice little distinction.

Another integral part of your holiday table are some cute little plates. I found these to pair great with almost any plaid and will look perfect with the buffalo plaids above.

Perfect pairing with the buffalo plaid table runners – great price right now.


I like these little cranberry wreaths to put around candles on your holiday table (link below). Great inexpensive decor to jazz up your table or around the house.


Another great piece to add (link below).


I am also completely obsessed with this Merry Christmas sign decor from Pottery Barn….

This pairs perfectly with the buffalo plaid decor! Super cute!


So I hope this gives you an idea to help you all start decorating your home with me early this year! I will be posting pictures in the coming weeks as mine comes together! Stay tuned…can’t wait to see how it all turns out! Check out my Pinterest page too for more great ideas on your Christmas decor this year with these two patterns!


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