Netflix Junkie – What are you watching?

Okay…I have a confession to make…..Grace and I are Netflix junkies in the winter time. Grace and I watch a lot of the same thing so naturally we just watch it all together. Jeremy and Faith have their own shows and don’t really like what she and I are watching.

We spend so much time in the spring and summer traveling on the weekends to horse shows and Faith’s swim meets that I barely have time to watch any TV. So the winter time is when I catch up on all the shows that I’ve been wanting to watch. Yes, I create a list on Netflix and go through it in the winter.

Mindhunter is one of my favorites. This is one where I felt like season 1 was much better than season 2. I just finished up season 2 and wasn’t real impressed. I enjoy it just because I studied many of the criminals they are “reviewing/featuring” in the show. I studied criminal psychology in college as part of my master’s degree. So these shows typically peak my interest and Grace’s.

Criminal Minds is another one that we just finished up. Unfortunately, there are 15 seasons of this show and Netflix only hosts 12 seasons. I was one unhappy person. Really want to finish watching Criminal Minds! So I guess we will see if Netflix decides to grab the other few seasons – I will hold out hope.

I threw in a little romance while watching Criminal Minds. I watched Virgin River, a Netflix Original show. I do recommend this show. There is only one season out right now, hopefully, Netflix does a few more. It was a nice break from all the suspenseful drama, of murder/killing, and tracking down serial killers.

So after Criminal Minds I have now switched to medical drama. When ER was on TV (I am really dating myself here) it was a favorite of mine. I made sure I was watching ER every week – Thursday nights at 9pm CST I believe!!! The juicy medical drama I am currently watching is Grey’s Anatomy….yep….I have never watched Grey’s Anatomy.

It took me awhile to get into it and now I’m hooked. I started watching it last Saturday night and 4 days later I am already on season 2…..maybe close to season 3. It’s crazy…..I’m crazy. When this is over though I am going to have to find something different – any recommendations?

Maybe I should find a good book to read instead of binge watching tv shows on Netflix….I do have some piled up that I keep thinking I am going to get to. I’ll let you know the results!



A clinical psychologist turned stay at home mom. I have 2 beautiful girls (13 and 11) that I home school. We spend our days running back and forth to town, baking, cooking, riding horses and having fun on the farm.

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