Adidas Dupes – Let’s do some shopping

So if you live where I do in Kansas or any other state, which means I live about 3 hours from the nearest major metropolitan city where all the shopping is. Now don’t get me wrong, there is small town shopping in my town, but sometimes you need that larger vibe of the mall setting and major retailers.

Anyway, we don’t have many options here! So recently I found WalMart fashion! Yes, you read that right, WalMart has fashion, but let me clue you in, it’s not in every store! It’s definitely not in my store, but it is online and it is in the WalMart about 50 minutes from me where there is also a Target!

Yes, all you read that right too, I don’t have a Target where I live either!!!

Love these shoes. I have been wanting the Adidas ones for the last year, but didn’t really want to pay the price for them. I have looked at them numerous times on Amazon and would put them in my cart and then take them out! Found these at and swiped them up in a hurry! They are TTS and I promise they are so comfortable. I have worn them to work concession stands in at a football game, which was aobut 4-5 hours, and my feet never hurt once. Nor did they hurt after! They have held up great for what I have put them through and in fact I am getting ready to order a Steve Madden Dupe shortly from WalMart. I will also post those when I get them and let you know how they are.

Here are some great WalMart Fashion finds! Click the link below to get order today!





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