Hello! Welcome to my site where you will find anything and everything! It really depends on the day and what is going around our farm and in our daily lives.

I have a masters in clinical psychology, which most days does me no good. My kids would rather have their mom and not a psychologists, but sometimes that psychologists comes out and all I get are eye rolls.

I spend most of my time with my 2 girls, Grace (16) and Faith (13).

Grace, who was homeschooled up until 2 years ago, is now a sophomore in high school. Never did I think she would be involved in so many activities and be loving every minute of her life. Between being drum major for her band, first chair flute, playing girls golf, and did I mention that she also shows her horse (Gator), and typically we have a goat or two for county fairs. Wow…I’m exhausted just writing all that out!

Faith, 13, is still homeschooled. She is in 7th grade and is a social butterfly. She loves to be on her phone, swim, play her trumpet in band, and show goats! She has probably one more year of homeschooling and she will be ready for high school – she’s not so sure about it, but I am.

You will find stories about healthy, fitness, showing livestock, recipes, recipe fails (yes that happens), my cat Patches (he was a bottle fed cat we found on our farm), and our dog Dexter (he’s a boston terrier). Patches and Dexter love to be in the kitchen with me cooking, well maybe picking up anything that I drop on the floor underneath me. They are never too far.

I started this website as a place to put all my recipes that are gluten free. My youngest, Faith, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was about 3. At that point, I had to learn how to cook all over again. Especially, baking! I will never forget the first time I went to the grocery store after she was diagnosed, I was in tears looking at everything on the shelves and reading labels. I felt as though there was nothing I could buy or make that would work for her. We live in a very rural area and at that time gluten free foods were not an option out here. Even today, it’s sparse. Long story short, I went home, did some research and figured out what to do. I began experimenting. I got books on gluten free cooking, substitutions of foods, flour, etc…slowly, and having many failures I came up with my own flour blend to use for most of my baking. I still use this blend today in most of my cooking. Now, there are numerous flour blends that you can buy that work wonderfully, and I do buy some, not many of them, but a few here and there.

When Faith was diagnosed, we also found out that she was not only allergic to gluten but most of what gluten was replaced with in foods. Potatoes (sweet and white), rice, yeast, the list goes on and on…..now I will say that today she is able to have a few things that contain potato flour or starch, but she cannot have fries or white potatoes. She can also have brown rice and she can handle a little bit of white rice in mixes, but she cannot eat just white rice. I believe the one allergy that really surprised us, was coconut. Yes, she is highly allergic to coconut. Prior to us finding this our, we were a family that would go to our local donut shop and get coconut donuts! Yes, I was feeding my daughter coconut donuts the whole time, not knowing she was allergic to every single thing she put in her mouth. We have come a long way since then. Today, she is a very vibrant young girl, about to turn 14. She’s a swimmer and loves playing her trumpet in band.

That’s a short little bio about us and a little bit of what you might find here on these pages.

Don’t be afraid to explore, cook, have fun, and drink a glass of wine.

Did I mention that since we are all girls (my poor husband) we do like to shop!! That’s the hard part living 3 hours from the nearest city. Let’s just say we are friends with the UPS man around here – Amazon is amazing!!!

Let’s do this….let’s have fun. Visit us often for some great recipes, motivation tips, homeschooling tips, and just about anything else you can think of!






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