Cinnamon Rolls (these are not gluten free)

Yes, you read correctly, I made cinnamon rolls that are full of yeast, wheat, and of course you guessed it, GLUTEN!

I made them for Grace and my husband. They love them it was opening pheasant hunting weekend and I wanted them to have something warm and yummy that they could grab and go. Plus, Grace is so used to having regular cinnamon rolls, she looks at me as though I am crazy when I ask her to try the keto ones or the Chebe rolls that I make.

So I make these quite often for them in the winter time. I haven’t eaten them for quite a while, but they smell yummy! Of course, as soon as thees were done I turned around and made the keto cinnamon rolls for Faith and I.

I use to be scared to make cinnamon rolls because I always thought they were so complicated, but turns out they are incredibly easy, just time-consuming.

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